3 Simple Tips To Conquer Overwhelm – Your Family Will Benefit From This!

flower-807030_1280It is easy to get overwhelmed in today’s hustle and bustle world. The to-do list is never-ending and items get added faster than you can cross them off. But does it really have to be this way? And is it really the most important thing to focus on? This article on Strongest Mom will help you sift through and answer these tough questions. But better than that, it gives you three easy to implement tips that will help you not only conquer overwhelm, but the feeling of inadequacy if you just don’t get it “all” done. I have often struggled with this because I always felt like I could and should do it all. But if you stay in that mindset, you end up missing the reason you are trying to do it all in the first place. The attempted perfection negates the benefits of enjoying the moments. I think this article is especially relevant for this busy holiday season.

One of my favorite hotels is the Four Seasons. The moment I walk into the lobby and see the amazing floral arrangements, inhale the eucalyptus on the refreshing towels or sip the cucumber infused water, I am transported to a new stratosphere, a million miles away from my reality. Unlike the resort, as a busy mom, I go through at least Ten Seasons a year, when I’m transported to a place of chaos and life is overwhelming.

What seasons make me feel overwhelmed?

  • April: Pasquale’s birthday
  • May: Marcello’s Birthday, Mother’s Day, End of School, Summer Camps
  • August: Back to School, Nico’s Birthday
  • November: Holiday planning
  • December: Holiday planning, End of Semester, Arianna’s Birthday

Over the years, I’ve applied these practices to “lessen the pressure”, so that I can be encouraged by the changing seasons.

1. Prioritize. Keep a running list of all the things you want to accomplish. Then, prioritize what is the most important thing to do, down to the least important. One of our favorite family books is The Three Questions because one of the answers Nikolai is in search of is, “What is the right thing to do?” Prioritizing helps us focus on the right thing to do and the right time to do it. You can practice prioritizing with your children too! For years, we would give our children a very “short list” when coming home. #1: Take your junk (out of the car). #2: Put your shoes away.  #3: Wash your hands. Over the years, our “short list” has matured and as a result, has helped our children learn how to prioritize.

Continue reading here on StrongestMom.com for the additional helpful tips.

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