A Different Perspective on Happy Parenting via Belgium

arhus-949698_640The ultimate goal of any parent anywhere, I believe, is to have happy, healthy children. Of course, there are endless ways and perspectives to fulfill this one broad, simple goal. But I found this article on how families in Belgium, in particular, carry out this parenting focus. In the U.S. we focus so much time and energy on our kids, that most of the time the parents and their wants and wishes take a far reaching second place. There is definitely something to learn from the different perspective families in Belgium have regarding this topic.

On our recent trip to Belgium, it became clear that people know how to live well there. The food is fantastic  – one of my favorite cookbooks is called Everybody Eats Well in Belgium, and it’s true – and their beer is divine. Need I mention the waffles? And chocolate?

So it should come as no surprise that Belgians know some things about happiness, and this carries over into the childrearing arena. But instead of focusing exclusively on the happiness of the child, there’s a focus on the happiness of everyone in the family. So when we would ask about family activities, say, at a museum, they would tell us about kids programs on Sunday mornings, where the kids could do some activity so that the parents could have brunch or see a concert. Yes, the kids are getting some culture and social play time, but the focus was on the benefit to the parents. When the parents are happy, everyone’s happy.

To continue this interesting article, please go here to alloverthemap.net.

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