An Innovative Way A Waco, Texas Teacher Has Found To Help Her Students Focus

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This is extremely interesting as the issue of focus for kids is often quite a challenge. Whether in the classroom or other situations, a child of just about any age often finds it difficult to focus. I don’t think it’s their fault, nor should it immediately tag the child as being ADD or ADHD.

A child is naturally full of energy and after sitting all day in classes, it’s no wonder that they sometimes have difficulty focusing on the lesson at hand. Often this “nervous energy” can be seen or heard with foot tapping, pencil tapping, or just plain day dreaming. Read this interesting article to see how this teacher in Waco is seeming to solve this issue.

Waco (November 9, 2015) A local teacher is finding a way to keep her students focused while letting them release their energy through their feet.

Studying in class has never been easy for Anna Petrini.

“I used to get yelled at in some of my classes cause I’m always up doing something,” said Petrini.

She admits her problem has always been staying focused.

Until she stepped foot into Paige Connell’s class.

“Ever since I walked in I was like what are these bands, and then I was like oh these are pretty cool,” said Petrini.

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