Being A Real Mom Is 10 Times More Important Than Being A “Super Mom”

mother-937038_640This is probably one of the best articles I have ever read on being a mom. It is just wonderful! There seems to be a huge pressure these days of being that mom who can do everything perfectly. And you’re led to believe all the “other moms” are just so perfect and you feel you just can’t keep up, and therefore feel like you don’t measure up. But this article points out all the little things you do ALL the time. And all those little things are what’s important and what really matters! Forget trying to be perfect. Just be real!

I’m talking about simply being a mom.

I’m talking about getting up in the morning, slapping your face with water, looking in the mirror, sighing, brushing your teeth (maybe), and picking up that toddler and wandering into the kitchen and pouring cereal in bowls, rinsing dishes, kissing the top of their head, and waiting for your coffee to brew.

There isn’t much glamour.

There is you. You giving of yourself. Minute, by minute, by minute, by minute until those hours add up to create a day which adds up to create a week which adds up to create a month which adds up to create years which add up to create a life. A beautiful life filled with ordinary enough mom moments.

Somehow in this mixed up media world of things to do and places to go and dreams to follow the beauty of simply being a mother is completely lost.

Being a mom is enough.

It’s enough, I say.

Sometimes we want to look to those big things and use them as a grade for success. We look at the cool science fair projects where our child got the blue ribbon. But, honestly, we miss the hours of interacting and holding glue sticks and looking up things and laughing side by side. We want the trips to Disney or American Girl Doll and discount the time spent in the backyard. The bar of success and joy and happiness gets pushed so high by culture that the little things, the enough mom moments, are lost.

Do you know what matters?

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