Do You Also Struggle With Late Night Snacking?

chocolate-cupcake-993327_640This article was written for me! This has been something I’ve always struggled with. Why is late at night my favorite time to snack? I can have the best willpower during the day (well, not all the time), but when it’s late at night when things finally settle down, I really like to raid the refrigerator or the pantry.

So this article on Popsugar was definitely helpful for me. For one, knowing I’m not the only one out there who deals with these late night temptations. But also because it clued me in on what I do need to stay away from for sure and some alternative ideas.

There’s no need to deny yourself a late-night snack if you’re feeling hungry, but you still have to think smart when it comes to eating late. Eating the wrong foods will disrupt your sleep while also adding a lot of unneeded calories to your day. Instead of just diving into the nearest, tastiest-looking item in your fridge, here are five types of foods to avoid at night and why.

  1. Greasy or fat-filled foods: Greasy, heavy, fatty foods not only make you feel sluggish the next morning, but they also make your stomach work overdrive to digest all that food. Stay away from things like fast food, nuts, ice cream, or super cheesy foods right before bed.

  2. High-carb or sugary foods: A little bit of something sweet before bed may be just what you need to rest happy, but if you gobble a huge slice of chocolate cake, the spike in your blood-sugar levels could cause your energy levels to spike and plummet, disrupting your sleep in the process. Avoid cake, cookies, or other desserts as well as carby snacks like crackers or white bread and munch on an apple instead.

Please continue here on for 3 more foods to stay away from, plus ideas for alternative things to eat.

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