The 12 (Somewhat Surprising) Foods This Dietician Keeps On Hand

cooking-chocolate-674508_1280Most of us know the importance of nutritious food. But it’s not always easy to stay on that path of better food choices, especially with kids who may be picky eaters. So I was encouraged when I read this article on Mind Body Green because I found that I already have and use a number of the foods dietician Kimberly Evans, MS RD, suggests you keep on hand in your kitchen all the time. When these foods are readily available, it makes it much easier to incorporate into your daily eating plan.

I’ve been a registered dietitian for 27 years, and my passion is helping my clients find the right foods to fuel their body’s unique needs. But my clients often want to know what I eat.

I’m the mother of five kids, a business owner, and a marathon runner, so I eat a lot — but what I eat is pretty straightforward. Below is a list of the 12 things you’re mostly likely to find in my kitchen, in no particular order:

1. Coffee

I love nothing more than the quiet of my house in the morning and a good cup of coffee with just a splash of almond milk. French press–style allows me to keep in all of the good essential oils that, according to some recent research, may have some positive neuroprotective effects.

2. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

What’s not to love about this heart-healthy ingredient that doubles as eye makeup remover and moisturizer?

For me, picking out a bottle of olive oil is like picking out a bottle of wine. I consider the flavor profiles, the beauty of the bottle, and then the price point. For a special occasion, a really nice bottle of olive oil is definitely in my cart.

Note: Nice olive oil is for dressing, dipping, and marinating — not for cooking in.

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