Time To Relax Some Of Those Rules – Or, “Oh It Must Be Summer!”

kids-14758_640Summer is special. Days are longer, hotter, more relaxed, less hectic. There are of course some things that need to stay the same, like sleep, safety, and nourishment. But even within those parameters, this is the time to relax a little and enjoy these special times as a family. It makes everyone enjoy the extra time together and the chance to feel that feeling that this is not your normal everyday kind of day. Even just staying up an extra 30 minutes or an hour past the normal bedtime will create lasting memories for your kids.

Summertime and the livin’s easy — unless you’re a parent. Summer break may mean you’re temporarily freed from the day-to-day responsibilities of school (i.e. dragging your kids out of bed, making sure they don’t look like they crawled out of a dumpster, and remembering to pay for their lunches), but there are still plenty of challenges. Namely, refereeing sibling squabbles and deciding what to do with all that free time.

Luckily, there are a few things that we can let slide during Summer. Maybe not give up on completely, but loosen the reins, so to speak. Things like . . .

Daily bath time

Yes, yes, yes, personal hygiene is important and all that. But while I religiously ensure that each of my kids gets a nightly scrub-down every school night, I admit to slacking a little when they’re not going to be seen by the general public. They’re just going to get dirty again immediately anyway, amiright? Summertime is great for what I call the “baby-wipe wipe-down” — just attend to the stinky or crusty parts and call it good. Besides, they swim a lot, and chlorine is made to kill germs.


I have four sons, and something I never expected about having boys was the ridiculous frequency of their haircuts. I swear, it’ll be short one day, and within a week it looks like either they have a.) had an unfortunate incident with a light socket, or b.) are going for that shaggy “emo” look. While they’re in school, I dutifully keep up with their trims — but during the Summer, I either buzz them completely bald (hey, it’ll grow back before school starts!) or let them get a little (OK, a lot) bushier between cuts.

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