Tired Of Broken Ornaments And Tangled Light Strings?

paper-933661_640Christmas and all that comes with it is a big undertaking. Just the decorating alone can take a toll on time and patience. So this is one area that I find it is well worth getting organized and staying organized year after year. Imagine – these are things you only have to do once and then you can use these same techniques every year. After reading this article, I found several great new ideas that I will be implementing for sure! Hope you find this helpful also.

The holidays come with so many things.  Things to buy.  Things to make.  Things to decorate.  Things to give.  Things to cherish.  I could go on and on right?

So staying even somewhat organized through the busiest time of the year, will be a huge stress reducer. Here are some of my favorite tips for super simple and time saving organizing during the holiday season:

Track Your Giving!
It is the giving season, that is for sure!  And it can get out of control, expensive and overwhelming, so I like to use a gift tracking checklist.

The checklist helps me jot down ideas for each individual I will be purchasing for, keeps me on budget and lets me check things off when I am done, so I always know who is left.

Create a Card Display!
As holiday cards roll in…

It’s nice to keep them out on display!  Not only does the display let me see the smiling mugs of my friends and family each day, it also adds a nice festive flair to our home!

Organize Christmas Cards.
If you are a little bit of a sentimental peep like me, then you hold onto those photo greeting cards and look back on the memories and changes from year to year.

For many more great ideas to get you organized for the season and ahead of the game, please continue here on IHeartOrganizing.com.

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