Use The Simplest Moments To Know Your Child Better

girl-1345758_640We all think we know our children pretty well. What makes them mad, sad, happy. When they are tired, hungry, irritable. But sometimes, something very minor can happen and you realize you may not know your child as well as you thought you do. We are all very complex creatures as human beings. So there is so much more under the surface that you may not have yet uncovered about your kids, especially if you are usually busy and filling your days with non-stop activities. This great article will give you a great insight on how you can ensure you know your kids a little better than you do right now.

I had a HUGE a-ha moment in parenting yesterday and I thought it might help some of you here. Yesterday was an odd day, as both of my sons were out playing/hanging out with their friends and it was just me and my 10 year old daughter home. She was sitting at the kitchen table while I prepared dinner, and the house was (to me, at least) blissfully quiet. “What a perfect setting for her to finish her homework!” I thought.

However, as time went on, she kept getting up and playing with her hermit crab, getting a drink, looking for another snack, telling me something about her day. In a word, she was…distracted. I could hardly believe she was not capitalizing on the blessed (and rare) quiet that was in our house at that moment. I could feel my own frustration level rising, but before I let it get the best of me, I commented to her “why aren’t you using this wonderful quiet in the house right now to finish your homework?”

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