Why Kids Need To Know What It Means To Be Patriotic

fourth-of-july-820529_1280It will be the 4th of July very soon, and that is, of course, one of the most patriotic holidays in the USA. So if you are in the U.S., you know this is an all time favorite holiday filled with picnics and fireworks. Adults know the meaning behind all the hoopla and celebration, but kids, for the most part, just know it’s a day of fun. Now more than ever, with so much unrest in the world, I think it’s important, as does the author of the following article, to make sure kids do realize and understand why this, and other patriotic holidays, are celebrated in the United States.

Teaching kids patriotism is more important than ever. It’s not just flying the flag, popping fireworks and saying the pledge. But why we’re proud to be American and what it means to not just to be good to others, but the real spirit of the red, white and blue.

I was working on the classic story of July 4th and summer fun when the news broke about the horrible events that happening in Orlando on June 11, 2016. At that time, the beautiful photos I had taken only a few days before of my children donning their red, white and blue took on a whole new level.

“Do you know what patriotism is?” I asked my son. 

“No, mama,” his little mouth answered. “What is it?” 

Ironically, only a few minutes later, looking down at my calendar he asked, “mama, what’s Flag Day?”

I realized that in that moment, just because we had bought the shirt, hung our flag proudly and appropriately ever holiday, and had taught them to be quiet when the Star-Spangled Banner played at the ball game, we had failed at teaching him and his sister the why…the why we fly the flag, the why we celebrated with fireworks, the why we stop everything when the familiar beat of the pattering drums begin at any sporting event.

The WHY is what matters.

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