Your Child’s First (Or Any Birthday) Is The Chance To Preserve Precious Memories

birthday-792744_640A birthday is so special in so many ways. I have always tried to make birthdays a very special and memorable occasion, especially for my children. Of course, a child’s first birthday is more for you and other family members as your child has no idea what is going on. But it marks such a special milestone as it is the start of many future birthday celebrations. And the chance to make it memorable for showing your child the pictures and mementos when they’re a little older is just irresistible. This article is also very inspiring with some wonderful ideas for any birthday celebration no matter what age.

Planning parties is one of my absolute favourite things to do. Some people say I go way overboard; some people can’t believe how far in advance I prepare for events like this; and some people think I am just plain crazy. I do it because I love it! It is about bringing pieces of someone special, memories, favourites, and unique attributes, and celebrating them with the most important people. It is about creating a beautiful space to enjoy that precious moment. I try to capture how amazing life can be because we live in such a crazy and fast paced world. It is nice to be able to stop and celebrate someone or something. Planning a first birthday party is a creative outlet for me and who knows if it will be the last first birthday party I will get to plan and host. WOAH, my heart just skipped a beat…I don’t want to say that!

So here are 7 things I think a first birthday party needs to amp up the celebration factor and help create those extra special memories.

1) Regular Post Invitations

How exciting is it to receive an invitation in the mail? Yeah, you totally get it! It is a keepsake that I put in my girls’ memory boxes and goes up on all of our friends’ fridges. I love a good old fashioned paper invitation.

2) Guest Book

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There are so many different ways you can use a guest book; but it is so great to be able to have a record of who came to your baby’s first birthday party. I used a picture book with a sharpie for everyone to write their names on the pages. You can easily link it up to the theme of the party.

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